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Eastern Colombian Andes

Historic Andes, where colonization and the liberating route began. Land of peaks, moors and valleys that is home to impressive Natural Parks. From the capital Bogotá, with its skyscrapers, museums, gastronomy and its rich cultural offer; The region extends north, transporting the visitor to wonderful colonial towns and to a time of legends, such as El Dorado.

The Colombian Massif

These mysterious moors, mountains and volcanoes are the cradle of the Colombian Andean culture and the great rivers of the country. The imprint of ancient civilizations is strongly felt in its archaeological parks and in its indigenous communities, which keep their ancestral knowledge alive. A destination that invites you to explore the experience of the eternal and that houses the White City of Popayán.

The Colombian Amazon-Orinoquía

El corazón verde de Colombia es una inmensa región megadiversa de bosques milenarios, colosales cielos y atronadores raudales. El norte alberga un paisaje salvaje de llanuras vírgenes, hatos y esteros biodiversos, ricos en cultura de campo. Las inexploradas selvas del sur esconden un universo de maravillas naturales, petroglifos, saberes indígenas ancestrales y culturas vivas, que debemos seguir preservando.

Western Colombian Andes

Region that transforms societies and looks to the future from tradition. Scenery of majestic coffee-scented mountains, extraordinarily colorful villages, talkative peasants, exotic birds, and flower-filled valleys. It is the land of the Coffee Cultural Landscape and modern Medellín: the city of Botero, the silletera culture, gastronomy and Colombian fashion.

Colombian Pacific

Colombia's best kept secret is a megadiverse ecosystem where wild jungles collide with the ocean, humpback whales make epic journeys to give birth in its waters and sea turtles nest on its huge empty beaches. Of Afro-descendant and ancestral heritage, its cultural offer is world-class, thanks to Cali and its Salsa, its delicious cuisine and its festivals.

Greater Colombian

This land of exuberant nature, jungles and perpetual snows, desert dunes and seas of seven colors, is much more than golden sand and coral reefs. It is home to fascinating indigenous and Raizal cultures, carnivals and music, sacred archaeological sites, the Garciamarquian imaginary, and the most beautiful colonial city in the world, Cartagena de Indias.