Learn and undertake

Learn and undertake Procolombia services

Seminars with experts

Find content from experts in the international tourism sector that will enable you to learn from their success stories and crisis management.

  • Specialized information.
  • Porduct adaptation.
  • Promotion strategies.
  • World trends.
  • New markets.
  • Cooperation projects.

Business training plan

Take our Business Training Plan and take a unique journey made up of three nevels: introductory, specialized, and sectoral.

Global destinations

Design value proposals that will enable you to, with local partners, take advantage of regional potential where conferences and conventiosn are held.

Exploratory missions

Learn specific complementary information through experiences.

  • Market knowledge and validation.
  • Identification of commercialization channels.
  • Observer participation in fairs.
  • Institutional visits.

Adaptation of exportable offer

Business plans are developed based on company0s needs. Receive advice from ProColombia to adapt your offerings in accordance with international clients' needs.

Servicios ProColombia

ProColombia te ayuda a la promoción del turismo mediante diferentes servicios y recursos. Estos son algunos que ponemos a tu alcance.