Promotional activities

Get to know first-hand and in-depth specific aspects of the national tourism sector.


Training sessions for specific tourism sgments aimed at Colombian businesspeople to enable them to deisgn and adapt their offerings based on international traveler trends and profiling.


Familiarization trips with entrepreneurs from different markets with the aim of making the country's tourism offer first-hand known and increasing its presence in international catalogs.

Business agendas

Specialized agendas for Colombian businesspeople managed by ProColombia's Commerical Offices. This is done based on the profiles of the tourism operators, travel agencies,and other actors in the chain, analysing potential buyers' profiles and whether or not the offering to be promoted matches with the demand in question. This service is available to Colombian companies, Colombian companies with foreign offices, and foreign companies with offices in Colombia. This service is also extneded to international buyers who are interested in learning about Colombian tourism offerings and products in specific niches in order to generate business opportunities.


Press trips with journalists and international influencers in order to position Colombia as an international tourist destination in the main media around the world.


Presentations of Colombian tourism offerings - products, destinations, and experiences - to salesforce representatives in different markets.

Matchmaking forums

A commercial activity that enables Colombian tourism businesspeople to hold scheduled meetings with international businesspeople in order to make Colombia's tourism offerings known.

Servicios ProColombia

ProColombia te ayuda a la promoción del turismo mediante diferentes servicios y recursos. Estos son algunos que ponemos a tu alcance.